Off-camera, handheld flash at night

Here's a cool trick I just learned. Grab an off-camera speedlight and set your camera to completely ridiculous night shooting parameters. For instance, 1/15s f5.8 at ISO 200. If you shoot normally you'll get a pitch black field, maybe a few points of light coming from hard reflections of street lights or the moon.

But if you tune your flash in just right

The flash illuminates just a sliver of the world leaving the rest to mystery.

Cranking up the flash power or your ISO expands the sliver (also play with the flash zoom if you can). Usually as long as you're playing in this range you won't ever overexpose but instead will vary between barely revealing a foreground element to slicing a silver line across the field.

Off-camera flash also lets you cast long shadows as you wish. The effects can be ethereal.

This technique has the wonderful property of restoring fun and mystery to areas you know well. All of these shots were taking within a 5 minute walk of my home, but I'd never seen any of these places like this before.