Dogwood 52: Assignment #6 "Candy"

Some friends and I are doing the Dogwood 52 Week photography challenge. We submit a photo each week on a given "assignment" along with commentary and discussion. This week's assignment was:

[Artistic] Candy: Your artistic interpretation this week should be inspired by something sweet. A great chance to play with macro photography.

The submissions follow in order submitted along with the photographer's commentary. We'll add other commentary and critique from the group as it comes in.


Didn't have a lot of time to burn on this weeks submission, so I just trekked over to the nearest 7-Eleven to get my candy on.

Almost immediately I felt a little empathy for the poor gummi worms and knew that this was a horror story. 1 giant jar and short macro shot later and I had my image. I like the way that the distortions of the jar create a painted texture.

Post processing brought out the horror of the moment by desaturating colors selectively until things looked dirty and grimy without diminishing the bright gummi worm. Poor guy.


I tried to get a little creative with the leftover Halloween candy I had left. Definitely had a hard time getting the gobstoppers to stay still.


I was in Nashville and went to a candy shop but didn't have my camera.  So many shots went by when I wish I had my camera.  The end of the week rolls by and I have no candy shot... so here's a phone-camera photo of marmalade from Atwaters when I was waiting to get lunch.


I've always been drawn to portraiture but lately I've been playing with direct harsh contrast. Shout out to my model for putting up with my crazy ideas but I was trying to push the limits of this assignment without just taking a picture of some candy (see below). I originally intended to use nerds but they turned out to be too heavy. I love the immediate contrast the side lighting provides and he texture it produces on the tongue.


For this assignment, I played with a new lens and tried to experiment to see what I could do with it. I also thought about what's sweet and candylike to me—which is usually coffee or some fruit-related thing. I favored strawberries over coffee (because there's bright, colorful pieces to take photos of!), made myself a milkshake, and took photos of it! However, I still liked the photos of the coffee I took, so that's my main submission. You can check out the progression of the strawberry milkshake to see some of the lens layering effects though.

Eric: I really enjoy this image! The composition is nice with two circular elements placed next to each other.  The new lens let you play with the bokeh, so you were really able to bring out the beans as the main subject. There's a warmth to the image that I really enjoy. The cropping of the circles gives it a closeup feel, maybe that could've been something to explore more with? Maybe the story of the beans changes depending on how much of the jar (and lid) we see.


So the hotel I was staying in had this pyramid of sweets as decoration in the room. It was sitting on a glass table so I tried lighting it from underneath, but between the table and the glass casing of the pyramid, it just refracted light everywhere and nothing was visible. Anyways, my conclusion from this exercise was, I have less inspiration when taking pictures of things (in this case sweets) that I don't particularly care for. Kinda obvious, but something that needs to be overcome depending on how far I want my photography to go.