Christmas in South Carolina

I went home to my parents' house in South Carolina for Christmas. We played with dogs, fried a turkey, and sang songs by a bonfire. While I was only there for a couple days, it's the best way to spend Christmas.

Christmas (Eve) Morning

My brother and his girlfriend were also there, but as they were going to head out early Christmas day to see her family we just pretended like Christmas Eve was Christmas Morning and opened presents and played with the dogs anyway.

After this, we spent a little time talking before we had to get ready to deep fry the turkey. A 24lb turkey barely fits into the pot we had so it definitely took three people and three glasses of scotch to get it done right. Honestly, this is the perfect recipe.

Preparing for Dinner

Then it was time for an early Christmas (Eve) Dinner. Again, the dogs played a major part ensuring that no food dropped on the floor was left there to become a mess.

Bonfire after dark

After dinner we moved outside as the sun set to my parents' backyard next to the fire pit and the river. We drank more and sang songs.

It was a beautiful night and a great way to spend Christmas Eve.