Dogwood 52: Assignment #8 "Panorama"

Some friends and I are doing the Dogwood 52 Week photography challenge. We submit a photo each week on a given "assignment" along with commentary and discussion. This week's assignment was:

[Portrait] Faceless: Tell someone's story without showing their face.

The submissions follow in order submitted along with the photographer's commentary. We'll add other commentary and critique from the group as it comes in.


This temple is on the way home from my new workplace. This spans about a 180 degree view in the middle of Tokyo, and I was somehow able to keep bright skyscrapers mostly out of the shot. I might be revisiting this site with a camera with a bigger sensor to get more detail, as I like the idea of this shot.


I rode a cyclocross race today, I also had my new 9mm wide angle MFT lens (18mm equiv) so I played with action photography.  Neither my lens nor my legs were fast enough, but at least I finished the race and got a decent shot. I should've paid more attention to my ISO settings to ward off the blur, these guys were also pretty damn fast.


I convinced my friends to go to Great Falls to do the Billy Goat Trail with me this weekend, partially for selfish reasons so I could get my pano-shot. I chose this photo because I liked how the perspective is distorted. You can see both sides of the river giving it somewhat of a sweeping feel. 


Pano's normally are of beautiful, huge scenery. You need the width to give that sense of grandiosity. Unfortunately, I didn't go anywhere this week with a sense of grandiosity so instead here's another way pano's are useful. There is no camera angle which can catch both walls of a tight corridor—but you can stitch them together.


After some severe overcast and rain we got some killer sunsets and sunrises. Forced to use my phone on this one so the color is a bit flat. 


I was fortunate enough to be in the Outer Banks for this assignment, on a series of days with a beautiful exchange between the sun and the clouds. I got really cool cloud/sky effects in my East-West panos as both changed dominance in different parts of the sky. I experimented a lot with lines, shadows, and objects for context for these shots and selected a few, along with my main photo, to demonstrate the different ways I played with these effects. The iPhone pano effect can really do interesting things with lines and distortions. So I thought including those lines and objects in different ways would give both context to the shot while teaching me about how photostitching impacts lines.
The one I ultimately chose was of my mom walking on a very empty beach, with no one in sight for miles.