Dogwood 52: Assignment #21 "Fantasy"

Some friends and I are doing the Dogwood 52 Week photography challenge. We submit a photo each week on a given "assignment" along with commentary and discussion. This week's assignment was:

[Artistic] Fantasy: Is this real life, or is this just fantasy... Your artistic inspiration this week is fantasy.

The submissions follow in order submitted along with the photographer's commentary. We'll add other commentary and critique from the group as it comes in.


I had the fortune of visiting an ice sculpture park in Alaska. There was a lit-up sculpture that looked very surreal, with its rough and smooth textures bathed in a technicolor light. I tried to magnify that effect by using a shallow depth of field (f/2.0). 


I was just reading about how overused the Orton effect is, and I figured I'd jump on that train. As for the location, I found this weekend gardening thing going on with these portable gardens that just looked out of place. Perfect. 


I kind of whimsically participated in a long nighttime bike ride along the Boston Marathon trail. It's a surreal feeling to be wrapped in the dark night but have hundreds of bikes zooming past you lit up with their flashing lights. I wanted to capture that.
Additionally, I took a few from the Boston Public Gardens just before that. In particular, I have two from this very dramatic (and dramatically lit) statue.