Dogwood 52: Assignment #23 "Weather Landscape"

Some friends and I are doing the Dogwood 52 Week photography challenge. We submit a photo each week on a given "assignment" along with commentary and discussion. This week's assignment was:

[Landscape] Weather: This week should be as unpredictable as the weather! Feature the weather in this week's landscape.

The submissions follow in order submitted along with the photographer's commentary. We'll add other commentary and critique from the group as it comes in.


I went camping over the weekend at Henry Coe, the weather was hot (for California), and the sky was unbelievably clear with no clouds or wind. I was able to take this shot of a grassy landscape with the stars shining down.

Sony a7S, Rokinon 24mm, f/1.4, ISO 1250, 20 sec


I was in DC this week and the weather... was not really cooperating for a nice, dramatic landscape. But there were these great wispy clouds that could easily become abstract shots like this. Again I'm using the high contrast black and white trick to accentuate them.


Inspired by Gray Malin. First beach day of 2017. 


Not yet rainy season in Tokyo, but it's been raining a good bit recently. Better rain than the muggy heat that hits other days. I need to get better at wrapping my camera up for use in rain...took a few tries to remove glaring reflections.